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New Mexico Game Hunts

New Mexico Game Hunts

New Mexico Private Land Hunts, Mule Deer and Elk available.

New Mexico Mule Deer

Unit 10, Sandhills Unit 31 and 33

Rut and Pre-rut Mule deer hunts – Vaughn, NM

This hunt is located out of Vaughn, New Mexico. This ranch is 78,000 acres in size and has a mixture of antelope and deer habitat. The elevation on the ranch is approximately 6,000 feet. The area is a mixture of Pinon/Juniper, Ponderosa Pine and high desert grasslands.

Outfitter has hunted and managed this ranch since 1991 and they consistently have an excellent success rate on mature mule deer. The ranch continually produces into the 180 and 190 class deer.

We have one set of permits for Sept 19th to December 14th and another set that can be used from Dec 15th to January 31st. With the Peak of the mule deer rut normally occurring mid to late December, we are able to offer a very rare opportunity to our hunters.

These hunts are 5 days long and limited in the number of hunters each year. Our first hunt is limited to 2 hunters and our rut hunt is limited to two (2) hunters on the ranch.

* The cost of the hunt includes: meals, courtesy transportation during the hunt, guide, skin, quarter and caping for trophy preparation.
** The hunter is responsible for: Their License, personal gear, weapon, motel costs and transportation to and from motel to camp.

First hunt, any five days from Septemeber 15th to Dec 14th
    2x1 $6,000 plus tax
    1x1 7,000 plus tax

Second hunt, any five days from December 15th to January 31st
    2x1 $7,000 plus tax
    1x1 7,500 plus tax


Mule Deer Hunt, New Mexico Unit 10

The ranch lays in GMU 10 in the central part of New Mexico on 7000 acres of private land.
The Private ranch produces quality mule deer in excess of 180 B&C have been killed. The Plan each year is to open the ranch to a maximum of 2 hunters per season.
This hunt is during the regular season and consists of glassing and located mature bucks. The license for this hunt are across the counter and there is no draw for tags.

Hunt dates October 22 - 26th
October 29th to November 2
November 5 - 9th
Dates can change yearly 1 day forward or backward.

Price 1x1 $6,000 plus tax
2x1 5,000 plus tax

Sandhills Mule Deer Hunt – Unit 31 & 33

These rifle hunts take place on public land in the Mescalero Sands east of Roswell, NM, or south of Clovis, NM.

These units are well known in New Mexico for having large trophy bucks. The guides have taken several bucks that scored between 170 B&C and 200 B&C in these units. Even though the population is not large, the area lends itself to producing large trophy bucks due to the sandhill topography and limited access. Spot and stalk in the key, with a lot of time behind the binoculars and spotting scope.

Application Deadline is approximately March 16th each year

Hunt Prices and dates Nov 5 - 9th 1x1 $4500 2x1 $4,000
Nove 19 – 23 1x1 4500 2x1 4,000

New Mexico Private Land Elk Hunts

These are Guaranteed license hunts that occur on Private ranches in New Mexico.  All of the following ranches have the possibility to produce 300 B&C class bulls.

Hunts begin in early September archery and in early October for rifle and muzzleloader to take advantage of the rut and bugling of bulls. You will be hunting where we know there are elk and we consistently have a high percentage of shot opportunity for a mature bull.

These hunts hunts are not very physical. Each ranch differs by terrain, elk population and the number of hunters on the ranch per hunt, accommodations and other variables.

The cost of the Hunt includes:  Private Landowner Authorization, meals, guide, accommodations on some hunts, courtesy transportation during hunt, caping for trophy prep, skin and quarter for processing.

The hunter is responsible for: Their personal gear, weapons, transportation to the nearest town near the hunt/camp area, motel costs if required and across the counter NM Elk License.

Archery  Sept 1-14  Sept 15-24 Any 7 days
Rifle – Muzzleloader Oct 2 to Dec 31 Any 5 days

Price 1x1 $7,000 plus tax
2x1 6,000 plus taxidermy

Unit 7 Elk Hunt

This ranch is situated North of Grants, New Mexico, in GMU 7, in the Western Center part of the state, just north of I-40, west of Albuquerque. The ranch is located about 45 minute drive out of Grants, NM at an elevation of 7000 feet.

The Outfitter has hunted this ranch for the last seven years and has maintained a 90% success rate for both Archery and rifle. This ranch in not extremely physical or challenging, as the ranch is hunted very lightly per hunt, thus the high success rate.

These are five and 6 point bulls and occasionally the outfitter will find a bull that exceeds 300 B&C. This is not a Get out and hike 10 miles a day hunt” but the hunter must be able to cover some distance to get to the elk. This is NOT a truck hunt and vehicles are used minimally during the hunt. The ranch consists of 12,000 acres.

Hunt is started out of Grants, NM. Accommodations will be in a motel in Grants, at hunters expense and meals will be in restaurants in same town at outfitters expense.  After harvest, animal will be skinned, caped and quartered.  Private landowner authorization will be furnished, along with guide and transportation. Hunter will provide his own personal gear, weapon, accommodations, license and taxidermy and or proceeding fees.

Archery  Sept 1 – 15  or  15 – 24th, any seven days
Rifle  Oct 2 to Dec 31  Any five days

Cost 1x1 $7,000
2x1 6,000

Unit 10 Elk Hunt

The ranch is situated west of Grants, New Mexico, west of Albuquerque. The elevation is around 6,800 feet and the outfitter has hunted this ranch the last 5 years and maintains a 90% success rate for both Archery and rifle hunt.  The ranch is a trophy type ranch, hunted very lightly, not extremely physical and in the past, bulls have been taken up to 370 B&C.  Though not overly physical, hunter wi;ll need to be able to cover some distance to get to the elk.

This hunt starts in Grants, NM were a guide will transport the hunters to the ranch, the outfitter reserves the right to limit non-hunters to maintain the quality of the hunt.  Same terms and conditions as Elk Hunt Unit 7  apply to this hunt.
Hunt Price is 1x1  $ 9,000 plus tax
2x1 8,000 plus tax Call for dates

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